LTB Dirk Bende

LTB - Dirk Bende GmbH

Komper Strasse 40
D-53639 Königswinter-Sassenberg

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LTB Dirk Bende GmbH: the only choice

A layman may not fully understand and LTB Dirk Bendeappreciate what can be produced from so little. No challenge is too great for us. Our craftsmen are well used to sourcing long-lost data, blueprints, pattern-parts, tools etc. in order to produce what might have previously been considered impossible. All parts are made by ourselves in-house, not by sub-contractors.

Expansion work and investment in equipment at our main workshop facility in Konigswinter near Bonn, Germany, enables us to handle engines and parts weighing a tonne or more.

We have a world-wide network of partners and associates built up over many years. This gives us the best of opportunities to procure original parts from collectors and traders and also to acquire or copy rare blueprints or drawings. Our stock of parts is immense. We are always willing to consider trades as well as offering parts for direct sale.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, using the Enquiry Form initially. We promise to respond swiftly.