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The "Fieseler Storch" on tour in Austria:

Novemver 2009: The Austrian film company Aicholzer film shot a few scenes for the new film "My friend the enemy" at the airport Stockerau. The film will start in 2010. Especially for this filmshooting the Fieseler Storch has been transferred to Austria.

  • StorchonTour
    Claus Cordes flog mit mir nach Stockerau.
  • StorchonTour (1)
    Wetter war nicht so gut
  • StorchonTour (2)
    Über den Wolken natürlcih wunderschön!
  • StorchonTour (3)
  • StorchonTour (4)
  • StorchonTour (5)
  • StorchonTour (6)
    Beim Filmdreh
  • StorchonTour (7)
  • StorchonTour (8)
  • StorchonTour (9)
    Der Hauptdarsteller mit mir im Cockpit
  • StorchonTour (10)
  • StorchonTour (11)
  • StorchonTour (12)

The flight from the home base Bonn / Hangelar to Stockerau was cold and a little difficult as there were cold and rainy November weather conditions and a few days later on the way back they diverted back to Stockerau.
But: the film project could be finished..
More pictures and stories from the set can be seen here.
You might also like to visit the website of the Air Sports Club Stockerau, get more information about the film or visit
Aicholzer Film in the internet.