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At this point we would like to point out, that LTB Dirk Bende is not responsible for the content of all here shown websites..

LTB Dirk Bende GmbH: recommeded links

The World-wide web has enabled friends, enthusiasts, supporters and potential customers from around the globe to communicate freely.
On this page we would like to present a small selection of links to the sites of friends, partners and associates of LTB-Dirk Bende. We recommend you visit them and hope that you find them as useful as we have.

An American website with links to several American websites, all with lots of information and yet further links relating to aircraft of The Third Reich

White 1
Interesting site detailing the rebuilt of 'White One' FW 190A in the USA.

Warbird Adventures Inc.
Based in Orlando Florida, Warbird Adventures is a 'must visit' ,especially if you are keen to take a ride in a vintage aircraft.

Imperial War Museum Duxford.
This museum in the UK has lots of interesting exhibits from both WW1 and WW2 and conducts regular airshows including the famous 'Flying Legends'.

GossHawk Unlimited Inc.
One of the leading US companies in warbird restoration, repair and operation

A personal website established by the proud owner of a FW44 Stieglitz. The engine for his aircraft was built by LTB-Dirk Bende using mainly New/ Old Stock spare parts.

A Club based at Dortmund Airfield in Germany, operating several vintage aeroplanes.

Supporting society for historical flight sport Eisenhardt Siegen e.V

The Shuttleworth Collection
One of the worlds finest aircraft museums operating flying aircraft ranging from Bleriot to Spitfire. There are regular airshows throughout the Summer. Exhibits include Fieseler Storch, FW 44 Stieglitz, Klemm 35D and Bucker 181 Bestmann. We have provided support for all of these aircraft.

further links: